Add advanced Media Player capabilities to NeoBook!

Add Advanced Media Player Capabilities to NeoBook
Update your multimedia apps with the latest DirectX technology...

This exciting plug-in adds the advanced multimedia capabilities of Microsoft's DirectX/DirectShow technology to NeoBook. NeoBookDX. Play multiple sound, music and video clips at the same time. Independently control volume, balance and rate for each playing media file. Detect when a clip has finished playing. Set markers to execute actions at specific times during playback. Read MP3 tags. Drop in replacements for NeoBook's built-in PlaySoundFile and PlayVideoFile actions makes converting existing applications easy.

Basic media player application created with NeoBookDX.

Playlist application created with NeoBookDX.

A detailed help file, tutorials and example publications are included. NeoBookDX is free to try, $29.95 if you decide to use it.

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