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Welcome to the Beta Test of NeoAppBuilder
Our new rapid application development tool for building HTML5, Web, Windows and Mobile Apps!

NeoBook users and others are welcome to participate. However, this pre-release version of NeoAppBuilder is intended for use by experienced users only!

Before you start, keep in mind that this software is not complete. It probably should be considered a pre-beta (or rough draft) and somewhat experimental. Several key features, including the help file, are unfinished. The software does not have the planned full compliment of objects and action commands. The software likely contains bugs, errors, typos, etc. However, we think if you use your imagination you will be able to see that the software has the potential to become a very useful tool. Together, with your help and input, we can create a great product.

Click here to begin downloading the NeoSoft AppBuilder Beta
v17.8.29 - BETA / 12.7 MB

System Requirements:

This software will work best under Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Windows Vista works reasonably well, although there are a few minor cosmetic issues due to the version of Internet Explorer (IE) available on that OS.

This software can be used under Windows XP, but it is not recommended. Under XP, the built-in test run feature won't work, but you can test run your apps by selecting the "Run in Browser" option from the Apps menu and use FireFox or Chrome. Also, the WYSIWYG preview of your app in design mode will be slightly off because of IE limitations under XP.

Tips for NeoBook Users:

While NeoAppBuilder should be familiar to users of NeoBook, there are some things that work differently than you're used to. If you have experience working with html, css and JavaScript - great - that knowledge will be useful here. However, it is not necessary that you know anything about those technologies. Like NeoBook, NeoAppBuilder is intended for non-programmers.

Below is a partial list of things that might be helpful to know before you start:

  • Since there is no help file (yet), you might want to start by studying the sample calculator app, which can be found under the "NeoAppBuilder\Sample Apps" in your Documents folder.
  • Unlike NeoBook, variable names are case-sensitive. This means that [Variable] and [variable] will be interpreted by the compiler as two distinct variables. Case-sensitivity is a common "feature" of JavaScript and the web in general. Keep this in mind when working with the new program.
  • The NeoScript syntax has been relaxed somewhat. You can now use either double or single quotes to surround parameters. For example:

    AlertBox "Hello" "Greeting Earthlings."
    AlertBox 'Hello' 'Greeting Earthlings.'

    You can also omit quotes altogether for parameters that don't contain spaces like variables, integers, etc. For example:

    SetVar [Message] "Hello Earthlings."
    SetVar [Number] 400

    Quotes should always be used for strings. Variables names may also be embedded inside quotes just like NeoBook.
  • Nested variables are not allowed.
  • Translations for Spanish, Italian, French and German are available from Options > Set Preferences. These are machine-created translations so they may not be as polished as we would like. We apologize in advance for any unintended insults.
  • More tips to come...

Please report problems, bugs, suggestions, etc. online via our Support Forum or by eMail.

Thank you for your help!

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