This is what our customers are saying about us

The quotes below are from actual unsolicited emails, forum posts and letters from our customers:

Just had to drop a line to report my very positive experience with your tech support people. I have been a customer for several years and have always worked through any issues via the handbook and the forum. This one however, I just couldn't get a handle on, so I broke down and sent an email request for help. The response and help was first class, timely and informative. Just wanted to express my appreciation for the quality and professionalism shown. 

- Thomas, USA

I have used NeoPaint for about a bazillion years. Awesome software. It's as if you discovered all the things Photoshop doesn't do well and made the perfect software. Please continue to develop it as you discover more cool items. My wish list is about a mile long. 

- Kyle, USA

Thanks so much for your help to beginner programmers like me. I would never have been able to produce my literacy and numeracy programs for children without the marvelous support that you give. 

- Jeanne, Australia

I started programming when dinosaurs roamed the earth... and NeoBook is the BEST (Rapid) Application Development software I have had the pleasure of using... ever.

NeoBook has a rich set of scripting commands and can be extended with plug-ins (like the ones for Database connectivity and File Transfers over the internet) and its ability to interact with embedded Browser and Flash windows... which makes it VERSATILE enough for me to deploy it for creating games, quizzes, business applications, as well as utility software for restructuring databases, capturing screen shots, resizing images and creating web pages.

It has an excellent Integrated Development Environment and good testing/debugging facilities. The platform is extremely stable and support is excellent.

What more can a developer ask for... except perhaps a version that can generate Applications for deployment on the Internet. 

- Gaev, Canada

All I can say regarding NeoPaint v4.7b is, "Bravo!" again and again. I've been a registered user since the earliest versions of NeoPaint for DOS. You've never disappointed me for quality, function, and tech support. Thank you so much, and please, keep up the great work. 

- Stephen, USA

First of all, congratulations for developing such a versatile and efficient piece of software. I have been using it for a few months now and I am quite satisfied with it, even though I have yet to explore all its potential. 

- Zack, USA

I am so appreciative and grateful for your understanding, and unbelievably fast response. Please keep me advised of any new products, or any other products that you offer. If you need any testimonials for a great product or awesome client service, feel free to use my name and comments.

Thank you so very much. 

- Jim, USA

I really appreciate your attention to this and all of us here at our office are awestruck over the degree of support you all continue to provide! 

- Jeff, USA

I just thought that I would let you know about the project we are writing [with NeoBook]. It's a touch screen kiosk that will be placed in four tourist information centers in Australia. The main publication is one hundred fifty pages plus about a dozen menu pages. There are over seven hundred variables and five hundred read/write actions.... The total compiled size of all these programs is over 30MB, and it's all written in NeoBook. During the next 12 months the four tourist information centers combined expect to have over half a million visitors, and the total revenue raised from selling advertising that has been placed on the NeoBook program on the touch screen will exceed over 120,000 dollars.... Our company would not have started growing the way it has without NeoBook. 

- Brian, Australia

I hereby want to express my thanks to you for our perfect cooperation during the last years. I found a perfect understanding from your staff; they replied to me earlier than immediately, they advised my always the correct path and they deserve my gratitude. 

- Kyriacos, Cyprus

Not only do you have one of the best pieces of software around but you have an excellent customer service department. 

- Ross, United Kingdom

I just want to say thanks to the NeoPaint software developer team for a terrific and affordable paint and animation software including cursors and NeoGrab. I am having heaps of fun with NeoPaint so I paid for a copy and received my key in my email today.  

- Frank, Australia

Thanks so much for your support. You're the best; and you solved my problem. I really appreciate the time you've taken to answer my questions. My program works great... 

- Sam, USA

Just wanted to pass on my best wishes and thanks for all the terrific help and support you have provided over the last year. You have been a fantastic help with any question asked and [I] find NeoBook to be practically the best authoring tool around. 

- Anthony, United Kingdom

Thanks for the information given as always - NeoBook is so well supported with Customer Support and help - the best I have come across. 

- Anthony, USA

Not only do you have one of the best pieces of software around but you have an excellent customer services department. 

- Ross, United Kingdom

You folks are great. Such a prompt and courteous response! That's a lot more than I get from other software vendors, and is far too rare in today's world. 

- David, United Kingdom

I really appreciate your attention to this and all of us here at our office are awestruck over the degree of support you all continue to provide! 

- Jeff, USA

Thank you very much. It worked and I am up and running. I make a living on EBay and use NeoPaint every day to prepare my graphics. I'm a very satisfied customer. 

- R.H., USA

The problem has been solved thanks to NeoSoft staff. This is the first time in my professional life (25 years) that I encounter a very serious hi-tech company: not words but facts! It is the first time I have received a wide, ample and positive answer immediately, without waiting years.... Well, dear NeoSoft, I am quite happy that you have solved me a very big problem. Your kindness and [professionalism] has really touched my heart. 

- Alex, Italy

In spite of its size and content, [my project] runs very well on Pentiums down to about 200Mhs. I think this is a tribute to the design of NeoBook.... I cannot image trying something like this in VB and the other authoring programs were either too expensive or lacked features I needed.... Thanks for all the good work on NeoBook. A great product, getting better all the time. 

-Pete, USA

I am a registered user of this wonderful product, NeoBook for Windows. Your software is a great tool to me, we use it every day for the work we do. 

- Carlos, Mexico

Thanks very much for your quick reply. Just like one of the people mentioned on your web site in their feedback, your company has been the only one that I've dealt with online that has been both courteous and prompt in assisting with software related questions/problems... As far as I'm concerned, after having downloaded and tried a multitude of multimedia software packages, NeoBook far exceeded my expectations both in ease of use and that ability to create very professional publications.

- Fred, USA

I have been using one of your competitor's products for quite some time now, which costs massively more, and at least on paper, purports to be a more full-featured and extensive multimedia program generator. But NeoBook has now evolved into a serious substitute for these other RAD products, and has power and capabilities that are rapidly diminishing any "feature gap" that exists. Moreover, your product is significantly easier to use than others, and I have even found it to be more stable across Windows operating systems. 

- Ron, USA

Amazing! I have never, ever experienced such outstanding customer service as I have in the less than 12 months I have owned my copy of NeoBook. Not only are you responsive to the questions put to you on [the] Forum, but the frequency and quality of your upgrades is truly appreciated.

There are three things that keep me with NeoBook:

1) NeoBook itself is an amazing program. When our engineering group was having a problem visualizing a placement problem with offset connectors on both sides of a printed circuit board, I rattled off in about 5 minutes a NeoBook illustration using linked track bars which made the issue and solution clear.

2) The NeoBook Forum and by extension the NeoBook Resource Archive where everyone feels comfortable asking questions, reporting problems, suggesting improvements, and offering advice.

3) The NeoBook Support Team which, as I mentioned above, is far and away the best I've ever experienced. 

- Sam, USA

I just wanted to say that out of all the art software I've tested or purchased - yours [NeoPaint] is the BEST! It is user friendly with so many wonderful tricks and special features that it is well worth the money I paid for it!

Thank you for putting out a superior product at an affordable price.

- Wendy, USA

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know how much I love your NeoBook software. I have been a user since 1998 and was one of the beta testers for version. It is simply outstanding. I also use Macromedia products but I prefer to use yours. The last two companies I have worked for I have asked to purchase NeoBook. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. I also like the fact that you continue to make tweaks to the software once you release it. Thanks for your continued hard work.

- James, USA

Thanks once again for your responsiveness, its unusual (if not unique) amongst the majority of software companies we deal with to get the level of support you provide. Also we have tried various ways to author our training into a CBT package (Macromedia Authorware 7, Flash MX, HTML wrapper etc.) all of which fell short of our needs in one way or another, however with your NeoBook 5 application we feel we've found a product that delivers everything we require. Thanks! 

- Dave, United Kingdom

[I have] tried plenty of these [authoring] tools, HOWEVER:

1) The most convenient to use and understand is still NeoBook;

2) For scripting and database driven application NeoBook is PERFECT;

3) With the following support of NeoSoft, Users and Third party plug-ins, I believe, NeoBook will become the BEST MULTI-PURPOSE AUTHORING TOOL EVER MADE.

Anyway, even now, I would say, there's nothing better for small and medium level application creation software. [Especially] for databases (with NeoBookDBPro)!

...And many thanks to NeoSoft for this Excellent Program! 

- Elrad, Azerbaijan

We are definitely a success story. We built our outdoor video kiosk originally with another piece of software. The competing software was cheap, easy to use, and did everything we needed it to do... except run without crashing. After months of working with the manufacturer to fix the issues, we just tossed up a Hail Mary and bought a copy of NeoBook. We transferred our project over in about a day, and it has been running 24/7 since we launched it, without even a single crash. 

- Gary, USA

Thanks as usual for your great support!!!! Best Customer Service ever!  

- Lois, USA

Thank you again for your assistance. I know you hear it often, but I am always impressed with the level of support you offer. 

- Dale, USA

Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on NeoPaint 4.7. I needed something better than MS Paint, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I checked out half a dozen shareware image and paint apps today. NeoPaint 4.7 was by far the easiest to work with and the most useful. The others had strange interfaces or other problems. But NeoPaint was easy to understand and I was able to get right to work and cleaned up 15 images and put them in a 25 page document. You guys are the greatest! 

- Thad, USA

I bought NeoBook less than one month ago and started programming as soon as few days after with great satisfaction. Neobook is easy and really powerful. Your product is nothing less than superb and I consider it the best software purchase I made this year. All my compliments.

- Pierpaolo, Italy

Thanks very much. It works excellent. Remarkable software. I am very satisfied with it. Keep up the good work. 

- Jarle, Norway

I am really very pleased with the fact that NeoBook's author is so easygoing and willing to do what he can for his user base.... there simply aren't enough software companies around today that have those business ethics.... and to a large degree it's been somewhat disheartening. It's refreshing to know you! ...If the past few days is representative of your companies PR, then I am going to be very happy with your product for a long time coming! 

- Robert, USA

Thank you SO much for all of your help! It's actually the first time I got any real help from tech support on any web page! I'm definitely recommending NeoBook, it's an incredible program! 

-Dollie, USA

I will definitely recommend your product to some of my colleagues and customers, keep up the good work. 

-Martin, United Kingdom

I love your product and enjoy building publications. I have development experience with Digital Trainer, Authorware and Design-A-Course. I think NeoBook is much easier to use than Authorware and much more flexible than the others! Keep up [the] good work!!! I am looking forward to future enhancements. 

- Ron, USA

I've gotta tell ya. NeoBook is more than super. It's superb! ...I've never seen a product come CLOSE to matching the ease of use, yet amazing power and flexibility of NeoBook! 

-Bill, USA

This is the type of customer service that I get so rarely that I marvel at it. I have always been a happy NeoPaint user, and still consider it my primary graphics program. 

- Michael, Canada

Your explanations are greatly appreciated along with your patience. 

- Emilio, USA

You don't have to reply to this, I just wanted to say thank you again, I really appreciate your help. I have suggested NeoPaint to several people in the past, but now I'm going to suggest it to everyone. 

- Jason, USA

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the method [in which] your company is operating. Other software providers will have to go a long way to match what you are doing. You are pro-active with regards to providing updates, patches and solving problems. 

- Pierre, South Africa

Great work and thanks. I have now downloaded four or five upgrades since purchasing [NeoBook], and feel guilty that I have not given any more money. 

- Brian, Australia

I just cant believe that I am writing control structures, and script routines (with [NeoBook's] help, of course) without going to school for programming. People here in the office can't believe that the Technical Writer is making stuff like this happen. 

- Nick, USA

One of the primary reasons I use NeoPaint is that it has most of the features I need, it's a great tool. 

- Shawn, USA

I'm sure you guys get rave reviews all the time, but if you have any doubters have them contact me. The best software for the job coupled with the best support to keep you on the job - what a winning combination.

- Ray, Australia

We recently hired a new network administrator, and he asked a co-worker of mine what I used for developing my applications. He had never heard of NeoBook before, so he downloaded a trial version to play around with before asking me what I thought of the product. Well, this guy had been around the block a few times with different RAD tools and traditional programming languages, and he was kind of skeptical about how good it was. But when he tried NeoBook for the first time, he was truly amazed at how intuitive and easy, yet extremely powerful and versatile it was. Then when he asked me about it, I couldn't say enough about all the great features.

So, you see, I love to give rave reviews about NeoBook, but its not even necessary. Just using the product speaks for itself. And I cant wait to see what you have in store for your next major update.

Many thanks to you and your staff. Keep up the great work! 

- Nick, USA

Thank you very much. I have used [NeoPaint] for years and I love it!  

- Mitchel, USA

The reason for this email is to inform you that we have distributed more than 20.000 copies of an application built with NeoBook and a database plug-in without a single support event. I´m a [professional programmer], but I chose NeoBook for this project and I´m very happy with the choice. Congratulations for your excellent product. 

- Alberto, Brazil

Thank you for the quick reply, and I must commend you on a job well done. I wish I could say this about other software co's.

- Hans, USA

I truly appreciate your willingness to help and your quick response. You guys have always provided great customer service and I am grateful for your commitment to your customers. 

- Kirk, USA

I'm an electrical engineer and work as a Server and IT administrator and the ONLY software that I REALLY love and think that worth all cents is NeoBook. THANKS very very very much for your NeoBook 5, it is the best program that I ever work/see. 

- Tercio, Portugal

I've been using NeoBook for years now and have had rave reviews from my students. 

- Mark, Australia

I downloaded the 30-day free trial [of NeoPaint] and had some issues with the program. I used your tech support to work them out. I was treated with respect, they understood my gibberish, they put me right on tract, and their responses were quick. The tech support folks turned frustration into productivity, and even fun. Give them a raise. :-) 

- Sue, USA

I have been using NeoBook since 2001. In all the time (a lifetime in the computer world), NeoSoft has always done better at support and upgrades than any other pro software supplier I have worked with. I know of nothing that they have defaulted on, the few mistakes were honestly admitted and fixed and they have been unfailingly courteous to customers. Even those who did not show courtesy and understanding to them. 

- Pete, USA

I just wanted to say that I've been using NeoBook (and I used to use your menu and paint programs) for about as long as you've been around, since the DOS days - and LOVE this product. I haven't had the time to pursue many of my goals or much of the business I know I can produce with NeoBook, but I keep upgrading it because it's excellent. For a while there back in 1997/98, I produced a product for the North Carolina mental health department and got pretty "intimate" with making NeoBook do all sorts of things and learning the scripting...much of that forgotten now. Anyway, I got fantastic tech support from you at that time...I can't remember the guy's name, but he was GREAT and I couldn't have done it without him.

Anyway, I love your software and I will keep using it! Thanks for being a super company! 

- Edward, USA

I've been working with the trial version [of NeoBook] for a couple of hours. This is an outstanding product. You guys need to get more visibility in the CBT authoring space. We used a tool called Lectora last year to build some online training. It cost $2000, did most of what NeoBook does, but badly. Ended up throwing it away after wasting a lot of time...

Most of the tools that are out there are hugely overpriced and are very hard to use. Some are dinosaurs (like Macromedia's Authorware and ToolBook).

You've got a product that does 99% of what any CBT author would need, at a tenth of the price. Add all the functionality from plug-ins and you beat every tool out there by a mile. 

- Lew, USA

I just wanted to add that your NeoBookDX plug-in is very impressive. Previously, I had built a special video viewer with Multimedia Builder. This weekend I started reprogramming it using NeoBook/NeoBookDX and found that it took less scripting to build some of the similar functions and that I have been able to add some functions that were not possible with Multimedia Builder.

Thanks for your hard work. 

- Don, USA

Over the years, I have tried others, but bottom line - NeoBook can't be beat. The support is the best, the community and forum support - there is none better. The plug-ins extend the capabilities beyond whatever you can think of...

I have been using NeoBook, since the DOS days and will without reservation, say - you can't beat this product.

Two thumbs - way up!!!!! 

- Steve, USA

...glad I have helped with what I believe to be the absolute best multimedia authoring tool about - can do anything I have needed to do and has kept me employed for years with different kiosk applications from hospitals, to British Army, to local authorities and even plasma display systems for retail chains. 

- Anthony, United Kingdom

I just realized....I've been using NeoBook and NeoPaint as far back as when you only offered the DOS versions. Thought then and still do your products rock.  

- Ron, USA